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Payment method

How to pay?


Where is the bank transfer made?

Mizuho Bank - Ueno Branch  (Regular Account Type) 2640183                        カ)トウキヨウフイギユア
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank - Ueno Branch (Regular Account Type) 0232351     カ)トウキヨウフイギユア
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank - Ueno Branch (Regular Account Type) 8406964          カ)トウキヨウフイギユア

*Please make sure to enter your order number and your name (in katakana) correctly into the blank boxes on the payment screen.

E.g. If your order number is 123, then enter: 123 トウキヨウフイギユア

​When you want to to make an online bank payment, you can enter the item number before the payer's name.
​​Please contact the bank you chose from the above list for more details.
​*Please type in uppercase letters if lowercase letters cannot be input.
​​*There may be a delay in payment confirmation if there is no order number.
​*Customer are responsible for all fees associated with bank transfers.

There was no place to write the order number or transfer holder when transferring

Please confirm the date and time of the transfer, the transfer amount, the payer's name (in katakana) and the financial institution and branch names the money was transfered to. Please then​ ​contact us​ ​with this information.

When should I make the transfer?

A payment is due within 14 business days from the date an order is made. If the 14 business days have passed and payment has not been made, the order will be cancelled.
​*If your due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the payment will be due on the following business day. (For example, if it falls on a Saturday, the payment would be due on Monday)

What types of credit cards can be used?

​ ​We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard, JCB and debit cards.​ ​
​ ​We don't accept V-preca and au WALLET.

When is credit card payment executed?

[The money was withdrawn even though the item did not arrive]
Regarding payment by credit card Settlement immediately when ordering a product reservation.
When ordering with a credit card, please make sure that the expiration date of the card does not expire at the time of payment.
In addition, the delivery time of the product depends on the product ordered. Please check the My Account or the product details page for details.

I can't use a credit card

Please contact your credit card company.
​Your credit card could be declined because your card has expired or you have exceeded the limit on your credit card.

I don't know my credit card security code

Please contact your credit card company.

I want to change my payment method

We cannot accept any changes to the payment method after confirming your order.

About payment errors

Regarding credit card and PayPal payment for ordered products, payment will be implemented as soon as the product reservation order is confirmed and announced.
For orders that resulted in a settlement error, we will notify you separately by e-mail to the Email registered in the order.
If you receive a payment error email, please check the contents of the description and respond to the payment.
If you do not respond for a certain period of time, we will guide you through the settlement error again from support, but we will set a due date for the response, and we will cancel orders that do not respond within the due date. Please note that

* The time limit for settlement errors is from the stage when the product reservation order is confirmed and announced, up to one month.
As an exception, the timing of the arrival of the product and the shipment may be separated due to our convenience.
We will bear the split postage in that case.
* Canceled orders cannot be changed for any reason. Please note.
* If multiple products are ordered at the same time and the products that have not yet arrived are included in the applicable order, those products will be canceled at the same time.

I want to use Points

Points service is a service that gives back according to the total payment amount after shopping after member registration.
Points can be used for payment as 1 Points = 1 yen.

I want to know the Points balance and expiration date of Points

You can check the Points currently available on the My Account.
Points are valid for two years from the date of last purchase. If you do not use the service for two years, your accumulated Points will expire.

About Shipping

Where is the delivery company?

Our designated carrier is fully responsible for shipping your orders.

How much is the shipping cost?

The shipping fee is 700 yen (tax included) per item.
※Hokkaido, Okinawa: 1000 yen Kyushu area: 800 yen
(Consumption tax rate of 10% will be applied from Oct. 1, 2019.)
*For products released after Oct. 1, 2019, a consumption tax rate of 10% will be applied.
*As a general rule, 1 order (1 payment) and 1 product will be shipped in 1 package.
*Please note that we do not support multiple packages at this time.

Can I specify the delivery date?

You cannot choose the date your order is delivered.

I want to ship overseas

In the case of in-site purchase via IP in Japan, we are not allowed to ship overseas.
However, overseas shipping is possible only when purchasing a site via overseas IP.

I want to change the shipping address

Find your history on MyPage and select the order which you want to change the shipping address. Select "Change Shipping Address" for each item you want to change the address for and then click "Register" to complete the change.​ ​
You can only change the shipping address for items that are still being prepared. Please contact us if you cannot edit these details.​ ​
*When you contact our Support, please include your name, order number, item names, former address and  new address you wish the product to be sent to.
*We appreciate you for understanding that it may take time for shipping due to items and delivery status after you change the shipping address or request a change.
(Please allow time for the information to update for some items. Find out more details by checking your notification emails or the Information page.)

When is the delivery time?

[I haven't receive items]
​Delivery may be postponed without notice depending on the ordering and manufacturing status.
​The shipping date may differ depending on the items you order. Please visit to Item page for more details.

I want to collect multiple orders

You can not combine multiple orders at the moment.
(We are currently considering the summary function. Please note in advance.)
In principle, we will ship in 1 package per 1 order (1 settlement).

If you want to use the store stop

You can pick up your orders at your designated Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport branch.​ ​
Please enter the carrier branch address as your shipping address for ordering.

Email Notifications

Change Email

Please go to your MyPage and click the button to change your membership details. Then, you may enter the necessary information.

I haven't received my order confirmation email

You may have entered the wrong email address if this happens. Please go to your MyPage and confirm that you have entered the correct email address.​
If you are using email domains such as Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail, your emails may be blocked by spam filter software.
For mail settings, please contact your email service provider.
You may not receive emails from us on your cell phone because of your domain settings.
In these situations, ensure you change your settings to receive emails from "".
You may also be using characters not allowed in an email address, using several periods (.) in a row or making a mistake when typing an at (@) mark. Please ensure you enter the email address carefully.

Mail is garbled and cannot be read

Automatic messages sent from our system use UTF-8 characters.​ ​​ ​
Please use UTF-8 encoding when viewing our messages.

Old Email arrives after changing

Please contact Tokyo Figure(Contact Us).
※ only member information change is of the order data Email can not be changed, to the sorry to trouble you, but online shop customer support News please.
* When contacting support, please contact us with your order number, name, old Email new Email.


About product price

The consumption taxes are included in all our item prices.   (The consumption tax rate of 8% will be applied from April 1, 2014.)​ ​
​ ​

Mobile site not available (not displayed)

Please understand that our website is sometimes not accessible from some mobile phones.
Please view our website from a computer if you cannot view from your mobile phone.

Email support (inquiry form) but no response

Please be aware we only respond within our opening hours.

Our support center is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm.​ ​​ ​
We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, summer holidays and new year holidays, as well as other special holidays and company holidays.

Since we respond sequentially to inquiries, it may take some time for us to answer. We thank you for your understanding.

I want to change my registration information

You can edit your account information from your My Account page.

I want to change my Password

You can edit your account information from your My Account page.

Forgot Password

Please select "Forgot Password" from the login screen and click "Send Email".
​You will receive a password reset email. Click on the URL provided in the email and enter all necessary information for to reset your password.

I want to change the Order

The amount of an item ordered cannot be changed once an order has been placed.

want to cancel

An order cannot be cancelled once it has been placed.

I want to return or exchange

We are not able to accept any returns or exchanges.​ ​

I want to unsubscribe or delete my account

Please access your My Account page to cancel or delete your account.

Do you plan to reprint it in the future?

At this current stage, we do not restock items at a later date.
Please visit the websites of individual manufacturers or the Tokyo Figure website for the latest information if an item will be restocked.

Can't order

Please check if following the hardware, software and operating systems are installed on your computer.
Windows System Requirements: Windows 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla FireFox
For the latest version of Google Chrome or Mac OS, check if the following are installed.
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6, the latest version of Mozilla FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome.
You can use our website using other requirements than those above, but please be aware that it may lead to problems such as display corruption or being unable to click on a button.
If the problem continue to occur when using our site, please disable the security software installed on your computer.

If you place an order that exceeds the limit



お蔵出しなどの商品の準備数に限りがあり、多くのお客様に公平に商品をお届けしたい場合に実施する方法です。 抽選完了後は当選者様にのみ注文受付をいたします。

I want to order by phone, email or postcard

We are only able to accept orders made through our website. We apologize for any inconvenience.​ ​

Want to contact support by phone or want to be contacted

We are currently only able to correspond via email. We apologize for any inconvenience.​ ​

The product was broken when it arrived


その他のお問い合わせは、お問い合わせフォーム までご連絡ください。

The product had problems such as paint peeling




受付時間:10時~18時 月~金曜日(祝日・夏季・年始年末等の特定休業日・弊社休業日を除く)

How to buy

Product details screen

Select items and click the "Add to cart" button or the "Cart" icon.

Shopping cart screen

Confirm the items you selected and their amounts.​ ​​ ​
If you need to change the quantity of items, click the quantity field and change the number.
When you are ready to finalize your order, click the "Purchase" button to purchase.
When you want to continue shopping, click the "Continue Shopping" button.

Purchase procedure screen



1 配送先

2 支払い方法

​ ​For Bank Transfers:


Transfer destination: Mizuho Bank Ueno Branch Ordinary 2640183 Ka) Toukiyoufuigiyua
Transfer destination: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ueno Branch Ordinary 0232351 f)
Transfer destination: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ueno Branch Ordinary 8406964 Ka) Tokyo

* Please select one of the above transfer destinations.
* When making a transfer, please be sure to enter your order number and name (katakana) in the transfer holder column before making the payment.
* If you cannot enter lowercase letters, please enter them in uppercase letters.
※ The transfer fee will be paid by the customer.
* The transfer deadline is within 14 days from the date of order.
* If payment is not received by the deadline, the order will be cancelled.
* Please note that even if you make a transfer after the deadline, the order will not be accepted and the refund will be processed.
* If Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are due dates, it will be until the next business day.
(If Saturday is the deadline, until Monday)
* Payment confirmation email after transfer
Since the payment confirmation email at the time of bank transfer is checked together every weekend, the payment confirmation contact may be delayed depending on the transfer timing, but thank you for your understanding in advance.

​ ​For Credit Card Payments:

We accept the following types of credit cards:​

​ ​American Express
​ MasterCard ​
​ ​JCB​ ​
​ ​Debit Card ​

Select the credit card from the pull-down menu and enter the card number, expiration date and security code.

​*A card security code is a 3 or 4 digit number on the back (Visa / Master / JCB and others) or the front (AMEX) of a card. It is separate from the 16-digit credit card number.
(Please note: When you enter the wrong security code for your payment, the payment will not be successful)​ ​

For Cash on Delivery Payments:



※代金引換決済の受取拒否について ほとんどの善良なお客様には関係のないことですが、一部のお客さまによる商品の受取拒否による損害が発生しております。

商品の受取拒否は、「配送料・代金引換手数料・返品事務手数料」を請求させて頂きます。 受取拒否をされますと、送料・代金引換手数料に加え、梱包資材費、人件費などが、店舗の損害となってしまいます。

その為、当店では正当な理由無く、代金引換受取拒否、保管期限切れなどの事由により、返送されてきた場合には、 往復配送料及び、代金引換手数料、返品事務手数料として、2,500円を一律で請求させていただいております。


​ ​For Paypal Payments:

When choosing how to pay, select Paypal and continue. Continue clicking to go to the next page and you will be automatically directed to the Paypal website.​ ​
Login to your Paypal account, check your order and click the "Next" button.

You cannot complete your payment using Paypal until you provide all required information. You will need to select another payment method if this fails.

If you do not receive the email

When using a mobile phone

Our website is not accessible from some older mobile phones.​ ​
In these situations, please visit our website from your computer.
If unable to view from a smartphone or computer browser, please ensure you have enabled JavaScript in your web browser.

​ ​Note for Registering Free Mail

When you register emails including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Hotmail, emails sent from our E-commerce website may be blocked by a spam filter. Please check the filter's settings when you do not receive emails from us.

About shipping products

Shipping dates may differ depending on the items you order. Please view your order details information for more details.​ ​
*Please note that shipping dates may be postponed without notice due to problems such as those related to manufacturing.​ ​

About Contact Us

Please contact us through the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page.​ ​
Since we respond sequentially to inquiries, it may take some time for us to answer.​ ​
Tokyo Figure is unable to provide an answer regarding the contents of a product or any trouble with a product.
For details, please contact the individual makers of the product for any inquiries.
*Please ensure to write your correct email address and order number when contacting us.
(There are cases where reply cannot be sent)