Assemble Heroines Rei Ayanami [Summer Queens]

Assemble Heroines Rei Ayanami [Summer Queens]

Rei Ayanami appears as a semi-finished product / assembled figure with a new sense that the head is painted!

The first girl "Rei Ayanami" from "Evangelion New Theatrical Version"1/8 Scale Appeared as a figure! By Miki Sakurazaka, a well-established sculptor with a reputation for modeling Evangelion characters オリジナル I made a figure in a swimsuit.
The product is pre-painted only on the head, and other parts are unpainted / unassembled, and are a two-color molding kit with skin color and water coloring. It is a semi-finished product / assembly figure model with a new sense. It is possible to use paints and instant adhesives for plastic models, but it is possible to achieve a close-to-image assembly by simply assembling without painting.
The neck part is a ball joint connection and can be moved slightly. Enjoy casual changes in gestures.
* This product is a semi-finished product / assembled figure kit (painted and assembled only on the head, multicolor molding kit)
* This product (semi-finished product / assembled figure kit) can be purchased at famous Japanese hobby shops, mass retailers, mail order sites, etc.

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